Trump Budget a Cut above the Rest

February 14, 2020 By Tony Perkins, Family Research Center

“A great country can’t borrow a trillion dollars a year,” Stephen Moore warned. Nobody has to tell Donald Trump that. The man who’s responsible for the economic boom knows a thing or two about finance. So maybe, when he sends a budget plan to Congress, they should listen.

President Trump was never a politician. What he was is a successful businessman. For years, he turned companies around and made them profitable — and he could do the same for America, if leaders would give him a chance. There’s just one problem: not much of Congress has the stomach for it.

Moore, a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, helped formulate a plan with the Trump campaign nearly four years ago. The first part of the strategy, he told “Washington Watch” listeners, was “grow the economy, get people back into jobs, get people off welfare and into work, get companies more profitable so that they hire more workers… [And] when companies make more money, they pay more taxes.” All of that, he agreed, has gone very well. “The economy is flying high right now. Maybe the best economy in 30 years. [There are a] record number of people working… Tax revenues to the government are just bursting every record. [But] the problem is that there have been almost no spending controls.” More…

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