Cancel Culture Comes For Homeschooling As Busybodies Attack Hugely Popular Program The idea of Christians issuing t

Thinly veiled tax status threats to Christian churches hosting a program with paid tutors is prima facie ridiculous.
18, 2019   By
If utopian tyrants whose vision for the world encompasses only theirs are continued to be allowed, like locusts, to devour every institution in their path, there won’t be even one left to provide an alternative worldview to anyone enlightened enough to seek it.

Recently, at a weekly neighborhood Bible study, I was surprised to hear a friend describe a letter sent to a church that hosts a Christ-centered program she uses to homeschool her kids called “Classical Conversations” (CC). The unsigned letter threatened the church with loss of their non-profit status for hosting a for-profit company. When the woman, a CC leader, informed her leadership of the letter, she found versions were being circulated to churches hosting CC groups across the nation.  More…

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