From poster “U.S. Patriot” at Breitbart Political News

  • “TRY“ to impeach This  (List is from Minorities for Trump 2020)

    1. Decimated ISIS
    2. Building The Wall,
    3. Created US.M.CA,
    4. Fights Corruption,
    5. Lowered our Taxes,
    6. Signs Trade Deals,
    7. Defeated Terrorism,
    8. High home building,
    9. More money in 401-K
    10. Draining The Swamp,
    11. Lowering Drug Prices,
    12. Protects the Veterans,
    13. Lower Annual Inflation,
    14. Rebuild the US Military,
    15. Stock Market at a high,
    16. Fights Sanctuary Cities,
    17. Veteran’s Choice Program,
    18. Obliterated the fake media,
    19. Saved our Healthcare Plans,
    20. Protects the US Constitution,
    21. Fights Socialist Demo-Craps,
    22. Reduced Chinese trade deficit,
    23. kill-ed ISIS Leader & # 2 leader,
    24. Huge reduction in food stamps,
    25. Protects Hong Kong Protesters,
    26. Protects the Right to Bear Arms,
    27. Defeated Hillary in 2016 election,
    28. Repeal & Replace Nobama-Care,
    29. Believes in God and is a Christian,
    30. Fights to Stop Late Term Abortion,
    31. Tariffs on China and other Countries,
    32. Defeated ShamPeachment in Senate,
    33. Protects the 2nd and 1st amendments,
    34. Huge Wage Gain for blue collar workers,
    35. Lowest mortgage default in last 50 years,
    36. Supports US Farmers against the Chinese,
    37. Fights the RINO-Republicans in name only,
    38. Made NATO Countries PAY their Fair Share,
    39. Approx. $5,000 increase in median income,
    40. Created Over 500,000 Manufacturing Jobs,
    41. Massive Reduction in Worthless Regulations,
    42. Supported U.S. Customs & Border Protection,
    43. Passed “Right to Try” for terminally ill patients,
    44. Crippled Iranian Economy with Sever Sanctions,
    45. Pulled out US Military from NEVER Ending Wars,
    46. Achieved 50 yr. Record Low Unemployment Rate,
    47. Reduced illegal Drugs from Entering the US border,
    48. Loyal to US Military and Law Enforcement Agencies,
    49. Supports Immigration Customs Enforcement (I.C.E),
    50. Destroyed Filthy Leftists and their Propaganda Media,
    51. Succeeded Against Fed. Reserve and kept Rates Low,
    52. 35% Higher Support Among Black Voters & Rising,
    53. Exposed F_B_I & C_I_A for Spying on American Citizens,
    54. Deported many MS-13 Criminal illegal Alien gang members,
    55. Appointed 182 Lifetime Conservative Federal Court Judges,
    56. Succeeded in Exposing Deep State & their Coup against POTUS,
    57. Offered Mexican President Military Support to eliminate the Cartels,
    58. Only Pres. to Fight Chinese Gov. Against Stealing Intellectual Properties,
    59. Stopped ALL Intercontinental Missiles of N. Korea & Met with the Leader,
    60. Successful in Stopping Thousand of illegal Immigrants (Caravan) at the Border,
    61. Succeeded in Uniting ALL Republicans & some Dems Against ShamPeachment,
    62. Only Pres. To Achieve US being Energy Independent For the first time in modern times,
    63. Appointed 2 Lifetime Conservative Supreme Court Judges Neil Gorsuch & Kavanaugh,


    Democrats’ Achievement = FAILED ShamPeachment and Coup d’état

    ___________ Greetings From : Minorities For TRUMP 2 0 2 0 ! __________

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