Why Churches Should Ditch The Projector Screens And Bring Back Hymnals

Hymnals in places of worship were the norm in early America and during a good part of modern times, but our tech-y times have largely gotten away from hymnals.  The writer states, “Christians need to understand that relying on screens and other technology is not leading to better worship, it’s ruining it.”

By Tom Raabe,  The FederalistWhy Churches Should Ditch The Projector Screens And Bring Back HymnalsA couple of decades ago, churches split in a grand debate over worship. Contentious arguments raged over every aspect of worship style, components, decorum, and practically everything else. Every church seemed to be choosing between opposites—organ or praise band, historic liturgy or rock liturgies, contemporary songs or historic hymns. The fallout was ugly. Assemblies erupted in dissonance and members on the losing side transferred out.

Years later, the voices have calmed and the dust has settled. Some pastors declared a sort of “separate peace” by establishing rival worship services—one traditional, one modern. Others went the “blended worship” route. While this included enough elements from both styles to at least keep the group together, everyone was left a little dissatisfied. Mixing pipe organs with electric guitars tends to do that.   More…

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