Third Annual Pre-Halloween Joint Effort by Left-Wing Witches to Hex Trump

To what lengths will the hexers go this year??  The same as the last two years—surprised?!

“And when they shall say unto you: ‘Seek unto the ghosts and the familiar spirits, that chirp and that mutter; should not a people seek unto their God? on behalf of the living unto the dead?” Isaiah 8:19 (The Israel Bible™)

On Friday at midnight, left-wing witches and warlocks are joining together to use black-magic to place a hex on President Trump and his supporters.

The witches refer to themselves as the #MagicResistance and their first effort to hex the president came just one month after he was sworn in.  A small group gathered outside Trump Tower in Manhattan in February 2017 but many more joined in on social media. The “binding spell” was posted online for people to participate. The spell was also aimed at the supporters of the new president, calling for the binding of “their malicious tongues”. Casting the spell required an orange candle, a photo of President Trump, a white candle, a pin, a feather, water, salt, sand, and a Tarot card.   More…

Rabbi Berkowitz is a features writer for Breaking Israel News. He lives in the Golan Heights with his wife and four children.

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