In the age of leftism

The insanity on the left continues…

Christopher Columbus is a warmonger.

NBA players are profiteers of a communist regime.

Democratic 2020 candidates propose elimination of mandatory HIV disclosures.

Canada elects a substitute drama teacher for prime minister.

Third-trimester abortions of fully formed babies are legal.

Calling someone an “illegal alien” (a legal term), carries a fine of up to $250,000.

There are 72 genders.   More…this is quite the list  

Some of the comments from the post at lucianne.com:

When you read through the list it’s unbelievable that those things have happened in this country in a relative short period of time. We are making a quick descent into the abyss if we do not change course. The 2020 election is going to tell the story. Reasonable common sense people will rise up and reject this progressive slide into insanity or we will watch as the destruction of the United States of America is complete.

In today’s culture, tribalism means a way of thinking or behaving in which people such as leftists are loyal to their social group only, in this case, the msm and the deep state, above all else. Or in a derogatory sense, it is a type of discrimination or animosity because lefties choose to be different, resist the norm, and conform to only one point of view. Another words, radicalism.

It’s uncanny how the Democrats accuse this administration of EXACTLY what they did for eight solid years under Barack Obama, who weaponized every Federal agency at his disposal (FBI, IRS, State, DOJ, DOD, DOHS, etc.) to further his Anti-America agenda and cripple his political foes.

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