Abortion Survivor: I Could Have Been One of the Aborted Babies Kept in Abortionist’s Garage

October 23, 2019    By Melissa Ohden, Life News


I know I’m far from alone in finding the news that more fetal remains were found in the trunk of abortionist Ulrich Klopfer’s car beyond the 2,246 stashed in his garage to be heartbreaking and, frankly, sickening. But, as you can imagine, as a abortion survivor, this pains me in a very distinct way.

While the media continues its near shut out of this story; while pro-life leaders call for a proper burial for these children; while many questions remain about what possible motive Klopfer could have for keeping the babies’ remains; while some of the women whose abortions he completed call for an inquiry to determine if their child was among the “perfectly persevered fetal remains,” I read every news story about it and think, “Once again, that could have been me.”


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