Last Week’s Values Voter Summit- View here!

The 14th annual Values Voter Summit has posted last week’s summit speakers which you can now access for free!  Most speakers presented for anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes.  The two Values Voter Summits I went to several years were well worth the trip to DC. So glad that the Family Research Council who hosts these events have been archiving these outstanding summits for the last few years!  To view…

Scroll down to right side of the following page, and choose in any order the videos you want to view–  https://www.frc.org/updatearticle/20191014/vvs-history

Values Voter Summit 2019: One for the History Books!

Some highlights:

President Trump’s speech preceded by prayer by Rev. Andrew Brunson

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, 26 min. Emigrant from Hungary and Senior Policy Advisor.

Religious Freedom Successes Under the Trump Administration, 40 minutes. Panelists (Two business owners & a retired USAF officer) share their stories.

Dennis Prager, 28 min. Host of the Dennis Prager Show & founder of PragerU.

Ji Hyeon-A, 32 min.  Ji left North Korea years ago, and is now a missionary and an author.  She presents with the help of an interpreter. WARNING:  Her story regarding the years she was held captive in North Korea is graphic.

Edward Graham, 20 min. Samaritans Purse associate (Franklin Graham’s son), speaking on “Get Out of the Boat”.

Dana Loesch, 32 min.  Hosts “The Dana Show”, author. Woman of faith & action!

Aborted on Our Birth Days, 32 min.  Panelists share their stories. WARNING: Graphic.

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