Happening- Right Here in America

Chilling! In a word, such was the Aug. 27/28 Dr. James Dobson’s* radio programs, “Bring Drake Home: Protecting Parental Rights, Part 1 & 2”.  Breaking:  4 y/o Homeschooled Child Illegally Taken by CPS**.

Who:  A special needs 4 year old taken from his Texas home by CPS on June 20th. Little Drake is still in foster care as the case isn’t settled yet. Warning- Video*** of the CPS reps & policemen taking Drake is gut-wrenching to view.

What:  The parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pardo, haven’t been accused of any kind of child abuse. This case is about who gets to make medical decisions for a child. If anything, the Pardo’s are being accused of what’s called “medical abuse”.  They had asked for another doctor since they wanted more appropriate medical care. Drake has been on a feeding tube and 3 medications, and has autism and a couple other conditions.

What You Can Do:  Sign the petition**. Get involved. Following are resources concerning this important story about parental rights and what you can do to stay informed on social issues that infringe upon parental rights and the children involved. There is a petition at the 3rd link.

*The 2 part program is archived in audio & transcript at drjamesdobson.org

**Story at newdev.thsc.org/cps-illegallyremoved

***The entire story with an imbedded video of CPS and policemen taking Drake from his home (the parents taped the entire encounter) is at newdev.thsc.org/bringdrakehome.  A second video (14 min.) of a rep from the Texas Homeschool Coalition giving an update on the case is embedded too.

Other resources—Bring Drake Home is on Facebook, Instagram and #BringDrakeHome on Twitter.


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