The New York Times Reframes American History to Target Donald Trump and His Supporters

RUSH: All right. Just right here is why I am necessary. This is why I’m needed. I mean, I’ve talked to everybody. “Slow news weekend, Rush, nothing happening out there. The biggest news I found was Jeffrey Epstein was delivered a couple of women’s panties, size 5.” You didn’t hear that? When he was in the Palm Beach County jail he requested some women’s size 5 panties and they delivered ‘em to him. You didn’t hear about that?

Some people think that’s the biggest news of the weekend. Or maybe Trump wanting to buy Greenland. Those may be funny stories. And buying Greenland actually would not be a bad idea. You know how we came to own the Virgin Islands? We bought them. We bought the Virgin Islands from Denmark. And then Epstein bought Little Dick’s, little whatever, Little Jeff’s. (interruption) From what? Pedophile Island, right. We’ll probably get that back now. The U.S. will probably get that back.   More…

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