Not One Democratic Presidential Candidate Responds to Question Asking Them if They Condemn Antifa

Of course, they won’t condemn Antifa. Antifa is doing their dirty work for them. 
August 8, 2019    By Mark Jennings and Cody Leach, CNS News

Ilona Schumicky and Liam Sigler contributed to this story.

(CNSNews.com) – Despite the well-documented violence of the radical left Antifa group — the Department of Homeland Security classifies it as “domestic terrorist violence” – not one of the 23 Democrats running for president would condemn Antifa when repeatedly asked by CNSNews.com over the course of 12 business days.

The Trump administration did respond, within a day, condemning Antifa.

In emails and telephone calls to the press offices and campaigns of the 23 Democrats running and to the Trump campaign, CNSNews.com asked the candidates to answer two questions about Antifa based on background about the group reported by Politico.  More…

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