Watch: Environmental Activists Superglue Themselves To The U.S. Capitol In Order To Push Ocasio-Cortez’s Agenda

As one commenter wrote about this stunt, “Let’s drop the word ‘activists’ here. They are a mob. A howling mob in the streets.”  Makes you wonder what kind of super glue the protesters used. I’d say the crazy kind.  Is that anything like Gorilla Glue?!

A group of environmental activists superglued themselves to the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday in protest of Congress’ failure to formally acknowledge the planet’s climate emergency. (Video) Extinction Rebellion, an organization known for employing civil disobedience to protest climate change, used Gorilla Glue to secure protesters’ hands onto the walls inside the tunnel that connects the House office buildings to the U.S. Capitol itself. The demonstration was meant to bring awareness to legislation declaring that the climate emergency demands a “national, social, industrial, and economic mobilization of the resources and labor” of the United States.   More…

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