IT’S OFFICIAL: In President Trump’s First Two-and-a-Half Years He’s Already Outperformed Every President in US Stock Market History

Yes, you heard that right—President Trump has already outperformed EVERY president in US Stock Market HISTORY, folks!   For those never-Trumpers and other assorted malcontents out there, take off the blinders and read the story and let the news sink in!

July 12, 2019   By Joe Hoft, The Gateway Pundit

The DOW hit another new closing all time high on Friday surpassing 27,300 for the first time ever!

The stock markets are a major indicator of an economy’s strength. They include valuations based on past and current financial data and company and market data. The markets also include expectations for the future.  This is why it makes sense to measure a President’s impact on the markets from the day of the Presidential election rather than from the day of the inauguration.   More…

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