The People Won! Carbon Tax is Dead!

At receiving this news, Gov. Kate Brown is sick with grief with the death of HB 2020 and her colleagues are spittin’ nails!

June 25, 2019    By the Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Senate President Peter Courtney just announced that the Carbon Tax HB 2020 does not have the votes to pass and is dead. The Carbon Tax Bill (Hb 2020) spurred fears of the bill’s $3.00 gas tax hikes and 50% utility hike price tag. Hb 2020 also provoked a Senate Republican walk-out over the Senate Democrats refusal to let the public vote on the tax (made national news).  The Carbon bill also drew thousands of people in protest including people supporting the Senate Republicans and scores of timber trucks and timber workers who flooded the capitol.    More…

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